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About Us

Goppoja was created in 2008 during my first trip to India.  That country inspired me in all ways.  The country and its people left an ever lasting imprint on my heart. I decided to help the local artisans continue their crafts by purchasing their products and continuing to this day. Most of the products sold on Gopooja are handmade - many with recyclable materials - and produced in India and other countries of the Asian continent, as well as handmade items from all over the world... not only Asia; artists and artisans have no frontier.

We had many inquiries as to what our name GOPOOJA meant.  It means : Praying to the Sacred Cow.  I had a few experiences with Indian cows and developed a particular liking for them. I fed them in the mornings  before heading for the road ( Indian ritual in the Rajasthan province  in the morning before starting work... it is a blessing for the day.)

Welcome to Gopooja, the boutique where you can find exotic, unusual, one-of-a-kind products.  We hope that you enjoy your shopping experience!