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1. Is there a physical store for Gopooja?

There is no physical store for Gopooja at the moment.  Our sales are made online only

2. Are Gift Cards available?

yes, they are. Just request it and we'll send it to you.

3. Why should the clothing be washed in cold water by hand?

In India, as well as in many countries of Asia, garments and materials are dyed with natural dyes, made from plant material.  Those countries do not invest in chemical dyes mainly because of cost. When a garment is washed it will lose some of the dye contained in the material (because of the natural state of the dye), but will not take away its vibrance and coloring... it is just the overload of dyes washing out.  Therefore all garments should be washed separately in cold water.  We recommend to add about one cup of white vinegar per  gallon of cold water to prevent dye bleeding. 

4. How quickly can I receive my order?

As quickly as you can say "quick" ;o).  Orders are processed immediately and usually mailed within three days of placement of order, providing that we have received payment.  We use USPS (United States Postal Service) only.  We mail all our products Priority so that you (and us) can track your shipment. Normally the product should be received within 5-10 days at the most, unless shipped to a country other than the USA.  If you wish us to send your product by another carrier, please let us know in the "Comment" box.

5. Why can't I purchase a product in different sizes or colors?

We purchase items from artisans who do not work like commercial companies by making one garment in different sizes, and colors. We  also pride ourselves to be able to offer "one-of-a-kind" merchandise.  This merchandise is often purchased in artisanal market places, in artisanal centers, or made by small artisans that do not offer a large array of sizes and colors. If we see something interesting - even if it is just one piece in just one size and in just one color - we buy it.  We cannot guarantee nor find the same piece twice or in different colors and sizes. We try of offer a variety of sizes with a variety of products, hoping that you will find something you like, in your size and favorite color. Sometimes - if we're lucky - we find a few same pieces with different sizes...but that is rare.  The only way to guarantee an array of sizes and colors within the same item is to purchase commercially....and that is not the philosophy of Gopooja.  With our products you are guaranteed that you are wearing something unique.

6. Why are some of your products made from animal skins and bones?

We do not purchase ANY item that is made from animals that have been killed for the purpose of food, hunt, or animal experiments.  In most Asian countries the leather used to make jewelry, journals an other leather products are made from animals who have died naturally.  All remains of the animals are usually used, such as bones, and teeth for jewelry making.

7. Are all items new?

Most of our products are new.  However we do offer some interesting jewelry that is "vintage".  Some pieces are old and show signs of age or some imperfections due to the handmade nature of the item, which we feel add character to it. Except for some  of our jewelry, all other products are NEW.

8. Are all items handmade?

90% of our items are handmade.  We try to find items made with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool, but sometimes, if the item is interesting (like the belly dancing costumes) we then buy some polyester blends.  Other than the belly dancing items, all of our items are made with 100% natural fibers. Because all of our jewelry is handmade, it may show some imperfection.... that is the nature of handmade products.  This in no way detracts from the beauty and originality of an item, on the contrary. We feel that there is a beautiful personality and character in a handmade item that is unique and original.

9. Is the silver jewelry made with sterling silver?

Our silver jewelry is sometimes made with sterling silver, but most often in Asian countries even though there is a certain percentage of silver in the item, it is normally made with a blend of alloys. We try to indicate in the product description if the item is .927 Sterling silver or not.  Such nomenclature as Indian Silver, Tibetan Silver, Chinese silver indicate that the product does contain silver but is not made entirely of silver.

10. Why is PayPal the only form of payment acceptable by Gopooja?

We made the decision to make PayPal our only accepted form of payment because we want our clients to be protected against identity fraud.  PayPal takes security very seriously with automatic fraud screening, and a team of fraud specialists.  Additionally it is accepted in 190 countries in the world in 25 currencies.  Our sellers fees are much less than for a regular credit card and our clients can use PayPal without having to open an account with them.  They can use any credit card, their bank account, mobile devices, or their PayPal account without incurring any charge. For clients who do not want to use PayPal, we would accept bank transfer ONLY.