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All the jewelry items are handmade in different countries.  Some of the jewelry is "vintage".  Because of the handmade nature of the item or the age it is normal to see some imperfections and/or flaws which are usually not found on an item manufactured commercially.  This of course - in our opinion - adds beauty, originality and charm to the item.

About "silver"... many of our products are listed as "silver".  In different countries silver is usually a mixture of silver along with other material, like copper, zinc, etc.  If an item is pure silver and contains a mark identifying it as "sterling silver", it will be mentioned on our website. Otherwise you will see items marked as "Indian silver", "Tibetan silver", etc. Sterling silver is an alloy having at least 92.5% of silver and the remainder 7.5% usually copper, the minimum millesimal fineness is .925.  Fine Silver 99.9% pure is generally too soft for producing large functional objects and in sterling silver is usually alloyed with copper to give strenght while preserving the ductility of the silver and a high precious content.

When you see the mention "Alpaca", it means that it is not a STERLING SILVER, but looks like Sterling .925.  It has lesser value than the sterling .925 does. Alpaca is silver mixed with other material, i.e. copper, zinc alloy, etc. In others words when Silver contains an alloy of more than 7.5% of any other materials,  it will become Alpaca.

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African Bone & Brass Bracelet
African style bracelet. Set of three bracelets... wear one or two or three!  Made of solid bras..
African Brass Bracelet
African brass bracelet.  Set of three. ..
African Masai Bracelet
African Masai bracelet. Expands easily to fit most wrists.  Orange and blue glass beads. Handma..
African Masai Bracelet
African Masai bracelet. Expands easily to fit most wrists.  Red, white, black, green and other ..
African Masai Bracelet - Multi
African Masai bracelet. Expands easily to fit most wrists. Black, white, yellow and muti-color glass..
Amethyst Ankle Bracelet
Charming and unusual Amethyst ankle bracelet.  Two rows of amethyst strunk on two silver chain ..
Ankle Bracelet - Vintage
Jingle all you want with this absolutely unique ankle bracelet filled with bells on a sturdy double ..
Ankle Bracelet with Bells
Ankle bracelet, handmade in India featuring little flower-like findings and three bells set on a stu..
Ankle Bracelet with Silver Beads
Very pretty silver ankle bracelet that will bounce its little silver findings with every step you ma..
Aquamarine Necklace
Beautiful necklace with genuine Aquamarine stones.  Eight rows. Lobster closure. Vintage. ..
$170.00 $120.00
Bangle Set
This silver tone set contains 21 bangles. Some are decorated with pastel colors beads. Will fit most..
Banjara Earrings - Lapis Lazuli
A beautiful pair of earrings handmade in India.  Made with one teardrop lapis stones and one ce..
Banjara Ring
Handmade in India, this ring is made with old coins, red tassels and crystal beads. I love the origi..
Beaded Bracelet - black
Lovely mostly black bracelet with black, brown, white and yellow beads. Mounted on macrame closure w..
Beaded Bracelet - Pink
A lovely handmade beaded bracelet in tones of pink, orange, red, black ceramic and glass beads. All ..
Beaded Bracelet - White
Beautiful handmade bracelet with white beads mounted on string with a macrame closure and wooden but..